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Join the LED Lighting revolution today when you pick up any of the cutting-edge LED lighting products or light fittings available on the Bright Light Australia store! Rapidly becoming the new standard for all sorts of lighting applications in homes and businesses around the world, LED lights offer a great many advantages over traditional sources of light. Small, customisable and able to be combined in an infinite array of patterns, Bright Light can provide an LED lighting solution for any situation you might have. Check out our range of LED lights online for yourself today!

Why Buy LED Lights Online for Your Next Project

The advantages of LED lighting products are almost too many to list, covering financial and ethical concerns that are universal to Australian consumers. LED lights and lamps use much less energy than incandescent, halogen or CFL lights, saving you money and protecting the environment. They are also much longer-lived, providing 50,000 hours of lighting – that’s 10 hours a day for nearly 14 years!

When you consider that they give off little heat, no UV rays and are 90% recyclable on top of that, it’s obvious that LED lighting is one of the most effective and practical “green” products around today. As an extra bonus for the practically minded, LED lights have no “warm-up time”; that is, they light up at full power as soon as the switch is turned on, with no negative effect on the life of the lamp. 

Australia’s favourite supplier of LED light fittings and power supplies

As the country’s premier specialist outlet for LED lighting products and power supplies, Bright Light created our web store to cater to our business customers in the signage, cabinetmaking, shop fitting and advertising industries. We satisfy the needs of these businesses and residential customers alike with speedy 1–3-day delivery direct to your door across major Australian cities. Check our delivery page for a full list of predicted lead times.

Bright Light pride ourselves on excellent customer service, with our trained relations team advising customers on how to achieve their lighting goals. You can send a message to our team online through our website, or call us on 1800 793 185 to ask your questions.