Why Choose LED?


LED lights have quickly become the smart choice for discerning consumers in Australasia and around the world. The advantages of LED lighting products are almost too many to list, covering financial and ethical concerns that are universal to Australian consumers; however for a start:

LED lighting lasts up to 50,000 hoursLED lighting durableLED lighting 90% recyclable

  • LED lights only use a small percentage of the energy of incandescent, halogen, or CFL bulbs do, using LEDs gives you a massive reduction in your power bills, on-going maintenance, and bulb replacement costs.
  • With a long life span, your average LED can be expected to last for 50,000 hours, which means if you have your lights on for 10 hours a day, your LED can last for almost 14 years.
  • LED lighting allows for use of a wider scope of colour hues and shades of white than regular bulbs, and LEDs are far more durable than other types of lighting, as they aren’t comprised of thin glass and delicate filaments.
  • LEDs are non-toxic, have low heat production, emit no UV rays, and more than 90% of an LED light’s parts can be recycled. Therefore, LEDs are far more environmentally friendly than their lighting counterparts.
  • LED lights offer design flexibility and are available in a variety of forms, which allows for the creation of a diverse range of lighting effects with increased control over light, colour, beam angle, and dispersal.
  • Another useful advantage of using LED lights is that they light up as soon as they are switched on. LEDs can also be turned on and off often without affecting the life span or effectiveness of the LED.


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