Our LED Lamps are Bringing a New Ray of Lighting to Australia

There’s absolutely no question for the modern homeowner or interior designer; LED lighting is the way of the present, and of the future. Outperforming traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs in every capacity, the benefits of LED lights extend from the strictly commercial, to the environmental, practical and even personal health. While the traditional mental image of LED lights for many are of dim individual units or lengthy lighting strips, Bright Light consistently finds Australians to favour our range of LED lamps based on our online sales figures.

These lamps, essentially caddies for tens or hundreds of small LEDS, produce a room-filling light equivalent to a traditional light bulb, but with all the benefits associated with LED lighting. In fact, each of the models of LED lamp available on the Bright Light web store list a comparable non-LED equivalent for easy reference; perhaps it is this familiarity and the simple 1:1 conversion it offers which makes these lamps so popular.

Buy LED lamps online and reap the benefits today

It’s worth looking into LED lamps or other LED lighting solutions for your home simply because of the number of areas where the technology trumps other residential lightbulbs. They consume significantly less power than incandescent or halogen lights, immediately saving money. As they are non-toxic and 90% recyclable, there is also a big benefit to the environment when you replace the lightbulbs in your home with our LED lamps. As for the practical benefits, LED lamps produce a warm, bright light the instant they are turned on, and the ones Bright Light sell online are all rated to provide full light for 50,000 hours – offering unbelievable value for money. 

Order LED lamps from Australia’s favourite online store

Bright Light are committed to providing excellent customer service with every online purchase; we employ a team of LED lighting experts on hand to answer any immediate questions that might arise while you shop in our web store. You can contact us through the contact form on our website, or by ringing 1800 793 185. Our staff will help you find a lamp you’re happy with and set you up to convert your home to LED.


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